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    Global Sport Concepts began in 2013 in order to serve as an educational resource for sport and military professionals. The directive from the very beginning was to serve as a unifying agent for change given the Balkanized nature of specialty fields and the vast differential that exists between what is currently happening and what is possible in the education of coaches and military leadership, the people who hire/promote those individuals, and the people who hire/promote the people who hire/promote those individuals...

    Given the hierarchical and authoritative structure (wrong though they are) of sport and military enterprise, it is necessary that the individuals at the higher tiers of authority be properly informed; that the reformed cultural changes be exemplified, first and foremost, by the leadership. For this reason, it is strongly encouraged that those who elect to become members of the Conclave share what is learned here with any individuals that might exist above you on the hierarchical ladder. 

    Different from the myopic perspective that often infects the cultural engineering of most institutions, and certainly the education of sport and military leadership, the concepts shared here owe their influences to aesthetics, epistemology, gastronomy, physics, mathematics, psychology, track and field, as well as sport science and military special operations. 

    The result of which are many controversial, yet thoroughly well supported, viewpoints on the current dysfunction of sport coaching and military leadership, how these individuals are educated, promoted, and hired, and the means of evolving these processes commensurate with all that is knowable in any field of possible influence.

    Welcome to Global Sport Concepts

    James Smith


    James Smith
    Business Contact: James@globalsportconcepts.net

    Consistent with my criticism of the fallacy of empiricism, my biography will no longer appear on-line, and I'm giving consideration to removing it from all of my book covers. Neither my, nor anyone else's, experiences serve as an analog for knowledge. 

    As physicist David Deutsch has elaborated upon, knowledge does not come to us through our senses. Thus, in contrast to the posit of empiricism, which incorrectly suggests that it does, the truth is that new knowledge can only be created via criticisms, conjectures, and modes of error correction. Such are the foundations of the Conclave.

    Suffice it to state that I have consulted for coaches, athletes, and special operators in these organizations in the areas of applied preparatory engineering, neuropsychology, and neuromechanics:

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