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  • Consultation Services and Books

    *email James@globalsportconcepts.net for pricing

    Global Load Management

    • Complete departmental management/organization of all primary contributory elements of sport/military performance (cultural, psychological, analytical/intellectual, sensorimotor/technical/tactical, bioenergetic/biodynamic/biomotor, physiotherapeutic preparation)

    Preparatory Engineering

    • The engineering of the global load blueprint that accounts for all neuromuscular/structural loading intrinsic to any facet of sport/military preparation (psychological, technical, tactical, or otherwise)


    • On site or video feed presentation, specifically structured according to the nature of the event and the event host’s requests

    Ownership/Executive/Managerial/Coaching/Tactical Education

    • A variety of coaching/tactical education possibilities based upon individual circumstances
    • Advisory for head sport coach and military leadership candidates in all sports/units
    • Advisory for professional sport team owners, executives, management, and all parties associated with interviewing head coaches
    • 1, 3, and 5 day options at client destination
    • 1, 3, and 5 day options in my location

    Consulting Retainer

    • Monthly contract
    • Conducted via phone, Skype/Facetime
    • 5 hours/month
    • 10 hours/month
    • special requests

    Psychological Preparation

    • Consultation specifically directed at the pre-emptive psychological restructuring necessary to develop Task Specific Focus

    Distance Programming

    • On-line programming and organization of training
    • Mechanical video analysis

    Sport/Tactical Educational Consults

    • 60 minute consults (phone or Skype/Facetime)
    • 1 consult per week
    • 4 and 8 week packages
    • Single client and staff rates

    Consulting My Location


    • Governing Dynamics Consulting
    • T&F/Field Sport/Team Sport Sprint Training
    • Field/Court sport motion based training
    • Gymnasium training



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    Applied Sprint Training (soft cover book)

    The Governing Dynamics of Coaching (soft cover book)

    Military Special Operations- Training for Selection (soft cover book)




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