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    *Conclave memberships are no longer available. Global Sport Concepts will be taken off line on December 31 2020


    As a Conclave member, you now have access to the full library of previous lecture videos/associated discussions.

    As told by Theoretical Physicist Neil Turok, the former Director of the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics and Founder of the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences, the Conclave will not administratively recognize titles or groups. As doing so will only reinforce the fragmented culture of education and slow the growth and creation of new knowledge. "The most fruitful science is almost invariably done when people of different backgrounds, and with different expertise, interact and create something new."

    "It's one of the great problems of universities (the fragmentation of knowledge), it's just too many people and too many disciplines, and not enough focus on the really important problems which are beyond any of our existing disciplines." 

    The culture that Turok speaks of resonates with me completely, and this is precisely why what any of us does for a living, in terms of titles/groups, is meaningless in comparison to our ability to solve problems.

    Our ability to solve problems depends upon our intellect and knowledge.

    As stated by Theoretical Physicist David Deutsch, director of Quantum Computation at the Clarendon Institute of Oxford, the near whole of human history (~100K years) was void of remarkable progress due not to a lack of brain power but culture that failed to evolve. The right culture stimulates the creation of new knowledge and the wrong culture slows or prevents it.

    The Conclave was created to solve problems, and this is the only perspective that any of us should adopt: sport problems and their solutions, and nothing else.

    There is no hierarchy here and no amount of experience means anything in the context of knowledge.

    All knowledge is subject to criticism and the purpose of the Conclave is to facilitate the criticism of any knowledge and to propose conjectures and modes of error correction in order to create new knowledge.

    Every Conclave member is encouraged to assume the perspective of the most omniscient member of your sports organization/business such that the freedom of your thinking knows no bounds, as opposed to being limited by any constraints that are currently placed upon you due to the dysfunction of the infancy of the sports world. 

    The sections of the Conclave have been intentionally kept to few in order to ensure the collision of ideas and knowledge, and based upon the primary chapters of my newest book The Governing Dynamics of Coaching, in so far as they account for all primary subject matter fields that govern sport and military preparation.

    Welcome to the Conclave and the future of educational and sport culture as has already been instantiated by the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences and the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics thanks to the brilliance of Neil Turok.

    James Smith

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  1. Governing Dynamics of Coaching

    1. Governing Dynamics Discussion

      This section of the Conclave is specifically intended for members to discuss topics intrinsic to the Governing Dynamics of Coaching as I have defined them in the book:

      • Culture- the bedrock from which all knew knowledge emerges
      • Global Load Management- the future of head sport coaching/military leadership in which the head individual is truly competent in all relevant fields of influence/preparation 
      • Sport Preparatory Engineering- the engineered blueprint that accounts for all neuromuscular/structural load stress incurred by athletes/military operators
      • Psychological Preparation- understanding the science of the brain and the development of psychological skills necessary to achieve targeted success independent of all factors outside of one's control
      • Technical/Tactical/Sensorimotor Preparation- the distinguishing tradecraft elements that define the neurophysiological, bioenergetic, biodynamic, and biomotor abilities intrinsic to success in sport and military operations
      • Bioenergetic/Biodynamic/Biomotor Preparation- broadly speaking, the development of energy systems, motions, and motor skill outputs. 
      • Physiotherapeutic Interventions- the non-surgical therapies and modalities necessary to support the accelerated regeneration and/or rehabilitative return to sport/operations
  2. Monthly Lecture Discussion

    1. Lectures

      This section of the Conclave is specifically intended for members to generate topics and discuss any concepts intrinsic to each posted lecture. Please do not generate any new threads in order that all discussion may relate to each posted lecture and its thread. This will make for streamlined searches as each lecture is numbered and they are posted sequentially. 

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  3. Analytical/Intellectual Discourse

    1. Open Member Discussion

      This section of the Conclave is specifically intended for members to generate topics and discuss any concepts not already accounted for in the other sections of the Conclave. 

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