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Governing Dynamics Consulting

James Smith



Culture begins with genetically transferred information at the level of our genes and traces back throughout our genetic ancestry.

§  Once born, it becomes a set of ideas that influence all thought and behavior.

§  Throughout life, it manifests as the collective of human intellectual achievement.

§  It is the bedrock from which every conceivable action emerges and must not be thought of merely as a set of ethical values that resides in posters on the walls of your building.

Psychology is the apex of performance constituents and either amplifies or restricts every thought, skill, and ability of management, coaches, and athletes.

§  Psychological stress is one of the most misunderstand facets of public consciousness.

§  It is not an unavoidable factor, it is, in fact, highly preventable; given the appropriate preparation.

§  Passion is the last quality you want in any coach or athlete as it represents volatility and unreliability in decision making and action

Knowledge does not derive from any set of experiences and thus renders time in the profession and any successes null and void.

§  It is not the experience itself, but the criticism, conjecture, testing, error correction, and creativity applied to that which is sensed that results in knowledge gained or created.

Technique is to tactics as grammar is to dialogue

§  Tactics are an aggregate of sensory processing, decision making, and action and same as dialogue, tactical execution is only as optimized as the mechanics of motion (technique) that substantiate it

§  The global conception of ‘sport practice’ is a misconstrued tip of an iceberg in that not only is it incorrect, it also represents a minute fraction of what is achievable (the ~90% of the iceberg’s mass under the water)

Sport Preparatory Engineering is the missing link in sport preparation

§  Coaching is currently an analog of:

o   Building contractors working without a common blueprint; in which each sub-contractor is performing their work based upon their own blueprint

o   An orchestra in which each section (strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion…) is performing a different composition

o   A Hollywood movie in which each actor is renders lines from a different script

o   Because sport coaches write their own ‘blueprint’, strength coaches write theirs, and rehabilitation specialists write theirs, each faction operating independent of the other. In musical terms this is referred to as cacophony (google it) and the only reason athlete/team results aren’t entirely disastrous, and sometimes even quite good, is because of the human adaptability that allows athletes to survive this glaring mismanagement of workload

§  Sport Preparatory Engineering represents the ‘engineer’ that you’re operating without, who has an exceptional understanding of rehabilitation, recovery/regeneration, technical/tactical and all derivative forms of preparations and is thusly qualified to engineer the single blueprint from which all contractors (coaches/specialists) operate.

Global Load Management is the future tradecraft skill of head sport coaching

§  This skill renders head coaches as qualified as general contractors, orchestral conductors, movie directors…who have an exceptional grasp of all of the domains in which they govern

§  What you have read here is an insight to “The Governing Dynamics of Coaching”


Email James@globalsportconcepts.net for consulting information and join the international and professional sport teams, business leadership, and military special operations personnel who already have



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