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What Sport has to Gain from Gastronomy and Building

James Smith


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Ask any executive chef, trained in the French discipline, any question regarding the operational specifics of Sous Chef, Chef de Commis, Chef de Partie, Saucier, Poissonnier, Rotisseur…and the executive will provide you with a tutorial on the intricacies of each responsibility and, most importantly, how they are synthesized into the composite of each meal item as a result of either a governing recipe (i.e. blueprint) or what has evolved from what began as a recipe into a broad and deep understanding of ingredient combinations that allow for creativity/improvisation to work because of the pre-existing governing understanding of the fundamentals.

            Ask a general contractor a series of operational questions regarding roofing, electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, framing, flooring, foundation…and the contractor will provide you with a tutorial on the various subcontractor specialties, why and how he sequences and coordinates their interplay the way he/she does, and, again most importantly, the explanation of how the sub-contractor work is synthesized into the composite of the building result of the blueprint(s) engineered by the engineers who possess an understanding of the fundamentals that contribute to the structural integrity of the building. The engineering is what ensures coherency between any number of sub-contractor achievements.

            Head sport coaches…what are your answers to comparable operational questions regarding psychological preparation, technical skill development, sensorimotor training, the mechanisms of tactical understanding, derivative/supportive modes of preparation that underpin technical and tactical execution, and physiotherapeutic integrations…and how do you think your understanding of these domains that you govern compare to the Chef’s or General Contractor’s? Most importantly, how do you justify the absence of an engineered blueprint that underpins, accounts for, and cohesively binds all work required of your athletes either with you, assistant coaches of some type (sport, speed, weights…), and active regenerative and rehabilitative protocols?

            Head Coaches, it is within your ability to demand that this type of knowledge, which is so ordinary in other industry leadership, is no longer so hard to find in sport. The result of you rivaling the knowledge and abilities of Executive Chefs, General Contractors, and many other industry leaders, and operating off of engineered “blueprints” that account for all ‘work’, will amount to paradigm shifting progress in your athletes/teams/organizations development and competitive results. The process begins with you recognizing that the problem exists, and your willingness to solve it.

 The Governing Dynamics of Coaching is the book that explains the ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’

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