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Consulting Review- Irish Gaelic Football

James Smith


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I recently had the pleasure of having 4 consultations with James via Skype. The topics of conversation varied, however, they were mostly pertaining to topics within his book, “The Governing Dynamics of Coaching”. I have been following James’s work for several years, so it was brilliant to be able to discuss his ideas and arguments with him personally.

Anyone who thinks that a consultation with James will be an hour of him spoon feeding you quick fixes is sorely mistaken. James encourages you to think, which at times, pushed me out of my comfort zone. This is not a complaint, as a matter of fact, this was what I enjoyed the most from our conversations. I found speaking with James challenging at times because his subject matter knowledge is so vast.  Fortunately, James is a fantastic educator. He is patient and generous with his time as well as being very thoughtful when answering any questions put to him, regardless how remedial they may be.

I spoke with James about a broad number of topics. He is great company and the end of each consultation always came far too soon. Next time, I will ask more specific questions, and I would encourage any prospective clients to do the same. I could not recommend a series of consultations highly enough. Simply put, consulting with James has been the best investment I have made in my coaching education.

Niall Gaynor

Na Fianna (Dublin)

Strength and Conditioning Coach


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