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The Knowledge Horizon in Sport

James Smith


Sport coaches, in principle, all horizons function the same. Meaning, they represent the boundary separating the seen and unseen; and the closer one attempts to get to them, the farther they move away.

What is critical to recognize, however, is that amidst one's attempt to approach them, no matter never reaching them, one continues to cover more ground. This is progress.

Now, consider the knowledge horizon of sport.

How would you characterize it?

What does it mean to be as knowledgeable as possible as a sport coach along with possessing the ability to practically apply the knowledge in any set of conditions?

How many subject matter domains do you think constitute this set of knowledge for optimizing sport coaching?

What do you think you, your athletes, your team, your staff, your organization... would be able to achieve if every member of your organization was unified in their objective to work towards this horizon and educated on the process?

I thought very carefully about this for well over a decade and concluded that objective sport coaching knowledge is governed by what I refer to as "The Governing Dynamics of Coaching":

- Culture
- Psychology
- Analysis
- Intellect
- Tactics
- Technique
- Sensorimotor 
- Bioenergetics
- Biodynamics
- Biomotor
- Physiotherapy

The key, however, is that these mustn't be segregated in their understanding and application- which is exactly what does occur, and has occurred, in sport.

In my argument, what everyone must understand, at the level of a successful thesis argument defense, is that the unified understanding of these subject matter domains is what constitutes an acceptable baseline competency for coaching in general- and scales up from there.

"The Governing Dynamics of Coaching" represents an encyclopedic reference with the potential to redefine global coaching education and qualification.

email james@globalsportconcepts.net for consulting information

The Governing Dynamics of Coaching




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