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Psychological Consulting Review- General Psychology

James Smith


I originally met James in 2009 and have continued to become immersed in his work.  Most recently, I hired James for his Psychological Consulting services.  I had an idea of what COULD be but I was unsure of HOW to go about it.  I have several very important events in the near future and I wanted to be as prepared as possible.  Over the course of a short period, after speaking with James, it has become abundantly clear that my disposition has changed.  His choice of tools / thought exercises in a context-appropriate manner has been invaluable to my development and ones that I can always use, regardless of where life takes me.  However, what I have also found is that the psychological preparation has transferred into other areas of my life for the better.  As he'll say, and anyone who understands the importance of psychological preparation, is that this is a must for anyone who wants to not only manage "stress" but be as efficient as possible in any endeavor they choose.


David Stallard


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