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Psychological Consulting Review- British Royal Navy

James Smith


"I initially used James' services for physical preparation for the military, but I had not fully covered psychological preparation. I specifically wanted to improve my ability to think under pressure, to process information better and thus make better decisions, and also to look at resilience and resolve. James initially provided me with great understanding which was the bedrock for practice exercises and specific strategies I could use and work on. The consults helped me greatly and I performed better at a selection course following these consults. I will continue to use the information and James' services because they have been very high quality, but they are also highly specific to the objectives you want to achieve and so you get the most important thing which is results and better performances.

In addition I just received feedback off my careers officer and some following comments reflected my better preparation...

  • Played an instrumental role in the team
  • Worked collaboratively and provided analysis during discussion
  • Monotone under questioning and unaffected by questioning
  • Confident presentation of individual plan
  • Showed adaptability when any flaws in plans were found
  • Sound instruction and direction to his team on PLT

- RM Candidate- 


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