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  • Consultation Services and Books

    *email James@globalsportconcepts.net for pricing

    Psychological Consulting

    • Psychological preparatory consulting for any individual seeking to optimize the perception of their life experience and their ability to efficiently negotiate the full set of possibilities that constitute it. The end result of this process equips clients with entirely new modes of experiencing and processing their environment, methods of resolving past traumas and mitigating the possibility of experiencing new ones. Psychological stress is by no means a compulsory part of life. Learn to reduce the possibility of ever experiencing it and significantly improve your individual state of well being while becoming a highly efficient operator in your domain. 

    Global Load Management

    • Complete departmental management/organization of all primary contributory elements of sport/military performance (cultural, psychological, analytical/intellectual, sensorimotor/technical/tactical, bioenergetic/biodynamic/biomotor, physiotherapeutic preparation)

    Preparatory Engineering

    • The engineering of the global load blueprint that accounts for all neuromuscular/structural loading intrinsic to any facet of sport/military preparation (psychological, technical, tactical, or otherwise)


    • On site or video feed presentation, specifically structured according to the nature of the event and the event host’s requests

    Ownership/Executive/Managerial/Coaching/Tactical Education

    • A variety of coaching/tactical education possibilities based upon individual circumstances
    • Advisory for head sport coach and military leadership candidates in all sports/units
    • Advisory for professional sport team owners, executives, management, and all parties associated with interviewing head coaches
    • 1, 3, and 5 day options at client destination
    • 1, 3, and 5 day options in my location

    Consulting Retainer

    • Monthly contract
    • Conducted via phone, Skype/Facetime
    • 5 hours/month
    • 10 hours/month
    • special requests




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      From Vervante Book Store

      Applied Sprint Training (soft cover book)

      The Governing Dynamics of Coaching (soft cover book)

      Military Special Operations- Training for Selection (soft cover book)


      From Amazon











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