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Governing Dynamics of Coaching


  1. Governing Dynamics Discussion

    This section of the Conclave is specifically intended for members to discuss topics intrinsic to the Governing Dynamics of Coaching as I have defined them in the book:

    • Culture- the bedrock from which all knew knowledge emerges
    • Global Load Management- the future of head sport coaching/military leadership in which the head individual is truly competent in all relevant fields of influence/preparation 
    • Sport Preparatory Engineering- the engineered blueprint that accounts for all neuromuscular/structural load stress incurred by athletes/military operators
    • Psychological Preparation- understanding the science of the brain and the development of psychological skills necessary to achieve targeted success independent of all factors outside of one's control
    • Technical/Tactical/Sensorimotor Preparation- the distinguishing tradecraft elements that define the neurophysiological, bioenergetic, biodynamic, and biomotor abilities intrinsic to success in sport and military operations
    • Bioenergetic/Biodynamic/Biomotor Preparation- broadly speaking, the development of energy systems, motions, and motor skill outputs. 
    • Physiotherapeutic Interventions- the non-surgical therapies and modalities necessary to support the accelerated regeneration and/or rehabilitative return to sport/operations
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