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  1. The following reality exists amidst universal considerations: any physical transformation is achievable so long as it does not violate a known law of physics; and the only reasons a physical transformation is unachievable, if it does not violate a known law of physics, is that there isn't enough knowledge to solve it yet, or it violates a law of physics that has yet to be discovered. The analog to this, regarding the single fixed constraint governing sport/military tactical possibilities, are the rules/laws or rules of engagement, respectively. It is a foregone conclusion that the laws of
  2. Contrary to public misconception, we do not gain understanding knowledge by imitation. The reality is that “All knowledge is conjectural, and comes from within at first”- David Deutsch What this signifies, though non-intuitively at first and in refutation of the fallacy of Empiricist claims, is that we do not gain or create knowledge by way of observing, bearing witness, watching, listening, being mentored, or in any other way explicit derivation. Imitation, sure, but not explanatory knowledge. In order to gain or create knowledge, we, often
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